Division 1: No Rank Requirement
Division 2: Platinum 5 – Diamond 5
Division 3: Gold 5 – Unranked

1st: 9000RP + Triumphant Ryze + ~62.5% Cash Pool
2nd: 7500RP + ~25% Cash Pool
3rd: 4500RP + ~12.5% Cash Pool
4th: 4000RP

Entry Fee
Cost of participation is $5 per player.

Match Times
All matches except for Grand Final matches will be played on the Sunday night of each week, starting August 26.

Teams must check in at 6:30PM AEST and commence their series between 7:00PM and 8:00PM AEST. 

Qualifying group stages run between week 1 and 5 to determine which teams qualify for the playoffs and their respective seedings. 
Teams will play one best-of-three series each week against each team to determine their route in the playoffs.

Teams that qualify via the group stages will advance to the playoffs and play a maximum of two best-of-three series to advance to the Grand Finals.

Grand Final matches will be a best-of-five series. They will be played online on the first week of October. Match times and dates will vary dependent on the finalists availability.

 Important Info

Qualifier Dates
Week 1 – August 26
Week 2 – September 2
Week 3 – September 9
Week 4 – September 16
Week 5 – September 23

Playoffs Date
Week 6 – September 30

Grand Final Date
Week 7 – October 1 to 7

Relevant Links

Discord Channel: 

Roster + Bracket: http://bit.ly/ocel_lol_rosters

Ruleset: http://bit.ly/ocel_lol_rules


2nd Stream: