What is the OCEL?
The Oceanic Collegiate Esports League is a social esports league for university students and their friends.

What Esports categories are on offer?
Currently, the game categories that you can compete in are:
  –  League of Legends
  –  Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  –  Overwatch
  –  DotA 2
  –  Hearthstone

Who is eligible to participate?
Any students currently studying at an Australian or New Zealand tertiary institution can participate in the OCEL. Additionally, each team can invite up to two friends who are not students to join their roster.

What are my options if I don’t have a full roster?
If you do not have a team organised you may still signup through the sign up form provided. Depending on your team size (or if you’re a solo player) you will either be placed on a team or have other players placed on your team. 

What is the entry fee and what does it go towards?
The entry fee $5 per player, this includes substitutes. All entry fees will go towards prizes and the costs of running the league.

Where can I find the rules? 
The rules can be found on the information tab in the menu above.

When will games be played? 
Majority of games will be played on Sunday nights. However this is variable as teams can reschedule their matches to another time. You can also find the full schedule for all games on each game’s respective page. 

What dates does this tournament run through?
August 19 to October 7

What is battle.fy and how do I use it?
It’s a tournament website platform that makes everyone’s lives easier. We’ll soon release a video on how to use it if you are not familiar.

What discord channels do I join again? 
The tournament is run through the OCEL discord. All teams will be required to be in their respective rooms for the duration of their games to allow easier coordination by the admins. The discord channels can be found through the esports pages on this website.

I play in multiple leagues, and I have matches that clash with each other. What do I do? OCEL games may have clashing times. Players who wish to sign up for multiple games are expected to be able to accommodate to their schedules. If a clash occurs, it will be up to players and teams to organise their own substitutes.

Players are required to submit accurate player information. Players are allowed to have a smurf account and even play on it instead of their main account. However, we expect all players to submit their smurfs’ account details. If a player is found to have a smurf and they did not include it in their sign up information, they may be removed from the competition with no refund. 

What are the requirements to form a team?
Each team is required to have at least 3 students from the same university (or 4 for Overwatch). A team must have a team captain or a manager. Teams must also fulfill the ranked requirements for their respective division. 

Can we play in a lower division if only one player is in a higher rank bracket?
If your team is in this situation we will look at this at a case-by-case basis. Generally speaking, the answer will be no and you will be asked to play up a division.

What prizes are on offer?
Prizes for winners are all crowd funded and can be further elaborated in on the information page.

I’m unranked, what division do I belong in? 
Unranked players will be allocated to a division by tournament officials that best represents their previous ranked achievements. If there is no previous rank, they may participare in any division.

What if we can’t field a full team on the Sunday?
Unless there are extenuating circumstances teams are expected to play their match at the scheduled time. If such a situation occurs and a player or team cannot attend their match, they must fill out a reschedule form and email it to info@oceleague.com and contact their head admin.